Sandra Nosek RN, BSN, IAC
Certified Nurse Aromatherapist

Feel The New You

Resins, Leaves, Flowers, Bark, Stems, Roots, Grass, & Fruit Peels
Welcome! I am Sandra Nosek owner of HeavenScents Aromatherapy! I would like to introduce you to the power of aromatherapy! Take a walk through my ecommerce shop and read my blog to learn more about essential oils and what they and I can do for you! The contact page allows you to consult with me regarding any questions or concerns you might have with you or your pets health.
Custom blends can me bought after consultation and will be based on information provided. Homemade bath & body products, balms, salves and more will be available on the ecommerce section of the site. The Blog will help you learn about essential oils and aromatherapy.
Essential oils are obtained from resins, leaves, flowers, bark, stems/wood, roots, grass and fruit peels. The oil is volatile and usually obtained through steam distillation, solvent extraction or cold press extraction methods and commmonly used in the perfume, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Aromatherapy has proven to be effective by itself or alongside Western Medicine.
Essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA except for use in food, fluid & pharmaceuticals as flavoring. Please consult a physician prior to use of essential oils.
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