Sandra Nosek RN, BSN, IAC
Certified Nurse Aromatherapist


Welcome I look forward to working with you! I have  been a RN for 23 years and recently became certified in clinical aromatherapy after having used essential oils for years I decided I wanted to learn more as to why these have worked for so many signs and symptoms I and my family have had. I completed a 300 hour course through The Institute of  Intergrative Aromatherapy taught by founder and Author Valerie Cooksley.  I have excellent assessment and intervention skills and have a wide range of RN job abilities including having been a regional wound nurse for four long term acute care facilities, critical care,  OB/GYN, long term care, and hospice. I like to look at the whole person and will provide you with information for overall wellness. I also would love to consult about your pets as they have also shown positive outcomes with aromatherapy.
I have a husband and three adult children. I enjoy a wide range of arts and crafts, creating blends, salves, and bath and body products and  I love to read.
Services offered include:
  • Free Private E-mail Consultations
  • Customized Blends & Salves to target your health concerns
  • Bath and Body Products to sooth, relax and make a difference
  • Balms to solve your skin problems
  • Custom Inhalers
  • Fragrances
  • ​Pet Health
This is not to replace your primary care physician. If your physician would like to email me directly I am open to that as well!
On my blog I will have a variety of educational material for you to read regarding aromatherapy and how to use essential oils. I will also include recipes periodically.
I will be published in the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy Journal. I will post articles I have  completed for your education after the issue has been published.


  1. My husband has been on oral chemo for years and it causes hand and foot disease. He gets blisters and sores on his feet. Sandra made a blend to rub on his feet and in two days he was walking with very little pain. It worked fantastic! Thank you!
    Roxe Gingrich
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  2. Eczema, itching, and inflammation; I can't remember what you put in this blend but, it's amazing for my eczema. Takes the itching away, straight away!
    June Swauger
    New Port Richey, Florida